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2019年10月17日 (木)

Set List 2019

☆You're All Talk - James Brown Arena, Augusta,GA
10/15 ジョージア州オーガスタのライブでは何と"You're All Talk"を演奏。これで、今年「In Color」アルバム収録曲は全曲ライブで演奏されたことになります。

近年のCheap Trickのライブのセット・リストのバラエティの豊かさはファンには良く知られていますが、最近(リックが病気から復帰後)その選曲の自由度の高さと意外性がより顕著になってきた気がします。ライブ毎にがらっと構成が変わり、長期間演奏されていないレアな曲もたくさん入り、バンドの好調さとメンバーのファンへのサービス精神が良く表れたセットが続いています。



Cheap Trick'77

Cheap Trick(1977)

1.Elo Kiddies
2.Daddy Should Have Stayed In
High School
3.Taxman Mr.Thief
6.Hot Love
7.Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
8.He's A Whore
10.The Ballad Of TV Violence


In Color

In Color(1977)

1.Hello There
2.Big Eyes
4.I Want You To Want Me
5.You're All Talk
6.Oh Calroline
7.Clock Strikes Ten
8.Southern Girls
9.Come On,Come On
10.So Good To See You



Heaven Tonight

Heaven Tonight(1978)

2.On Top Of The World
3.California Man
4.High Roller
5.Auf Wiedersehen
6.Takin' Me Back
7.On The Radio
8.Heaven Tonight
9.Stiff Competition
10.How Are You?
11.Oh Claire


At Budokan

at Budokan(1978)

1.Hello There
2.Come On, Come On
4.Big Eyes
5.Need Your Love
6.Ain't That A Shame
7.I Want You To Want Me
10.Clock Strikes Ten


Dream Police

Dream Police(1979)

1.Dream Police
2.Way Of The World
3.The House Is Rockin'
(With Domestic Problems)
4.Gonna Raise Hell
5.I'll Be With You Tonight
7.Writing On The Wall
8.I Know What I Want
9.Need Your Love


All Shook Up

All Shook Up(1980)

1.Stop This Game
2.Just Got Back
3.Baby Loves To Rock
4.Can't Stop It But I'm Gonna Try
5.World's Greatest Lover
6.High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise
7.Love Comes A-Tumblin' Down
8.I Love You Honey But I Hate
Your Friends
9.Go For The Throat
(Use Your Own Imagination)
10.Who'd King

Found All The Parts

Found All The Parts(1980)

1.Day Tripper
2.Can't Hold On
3.Such A Good Girl
4.Take Me I'm Yours

One On One

One On One(1982)

1.I Want You
2.One On One
3.If You Want My Love
4.Oo La La La
5.Lookin' Out For Number One
6.She's Tight
7.Time Is Runnin'
8.Saturday At Midnight
9.Love's Got A Hold On Me
10.I Want Be Man
11.Four Letter Word

Next Position Please

Next Position Please(1983)

1.I Can't Take It
3.I Don't Love Here Anymore
4.Next Position Please
5.Younger Girls
6.Dancing The Night Away
7.You Talk Too Much
9.You Say Jump
11.Won't Take No For An Answer
12.Heaven's Falling
13.Invaders Of The Heart
14.Don't Make Our Love A Crime

Standing On The Edge

Standing On The Edge(1985)

1.Little Sister
2.Tonight It's You
3.She's Got Motion
4.Love Comes
5.How About You
6.Standing On The Edge
7.This Time Around
8.Rock All Night
9.Cover Girl
10.Wild Wild Women

The Doctor

The Doctor(1986)

1.It's Up To You
2.Rearview Mirror Romance
3.The Doctor
4.Are You Lonely Tonight
5.Name Of The Game
6.Kiss Me Red
7.Take Me To The Top
8.Good Girls Go To Heaven(Bad Girls Go Everywhere)
10.It's Only Love

Lap Of Luxury

Lap Of Luxury(1988)

1.Let Go
2.No Mercy
3.The Flame
5.Never Had A Lot To Lose
6.Don't Be Cruel
7.Wrong Side Of Love
8.All We Need Is A Dream
9.Ghost Town
10.All Wound Up



1.Back'n Blue
2.I Can't Understand It
3.Wherever Would I Be
4.If You Need Me
5.Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love
7.Walk Away
8.You Drive,I'll Steer
9.When You Need Someone
10.Had To Make You Mine
11.Rock'n' Roll Tonight
12.Big Bang(bonus track)

The Greatest Hits(1991)

Cheap Side:
1.Hello There
2.On Top Of The World
3.Elo Kiddies
4.Hot Love
5.Big Eyes
6.Clock Strikes Ten
7.California Man
8.Stop This Game
9.I Know What I Want
10.Just Got Back
11.The Doctor
12.Gonna Raise Hell
13.High Roller
14.Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
15.Day Tripper[Live]

Trick Side:
1.Magical Mystery Tour
2.Dream Police
3.Don't Be Cruel
4.Tonight It's You
5.She's Tight
6.I Want You To Want Me
7.If You Want My Love
8.Ain't That A Shame
10.The Flame
11.I Can't Take It
12.Can't Stop Falling Into Love


Budokan 2

Budokan 2(1993)

11.Elo Kiddies
12.High Roller
13.Southern Girls
14.Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
15.California Man
17.Stiff Competition
18.How Are You
19.On Top Of The World
20.Can't Hold On
21.Oh Caroline
22.Auf Wiedersehen

Woke Up With A Monster

Woke Up With A Monster(1994)

1.My Gang
2.Woke Up With A Monster
3.You're All I Wanna Do
4.Never Run Out Of Love
5.Didn't Know I Had It
6.Ride The Pony
8.Let Her Go
9.Tell Me Everything
10.Cry Baby
11.Love Me For A Minute
Bonus track:
12.Sabre Dance


Sex, America, Cheap Trick

Sex, America, Cheap Trick(1996)
Disk Two:

2.High Roller[alternate version]
3.On Top Of The World
4.Auf Wiedersehen
5.I Want You To Want Me
6.Clock Strikes Ten[live]
7.Dream Police
8.Way Of The World
9.Gonna Raise Hell
11.Stop This Game
12.Just Got Back
13.Baby Loves To Rock
14.Everything Works If You Let It
[alternate version]
15.World's Greatest Love
[demo-Rick vocal]
16.Waitin' For The Man
[live-Tom vocal]
[previously unreleased]

Cheap Trick'97

Cheap Trick(1997)

2.Hard To Tell
3.Carnival Game
5.You Let A Lotta People Down
6.Baby No More
7.Yeah Yeah
8.Say Goodbye
9.Wrong All Wrong
10.Eight Miles Low
11.It All Comes Back To You
Bonus tracks:
12.Baby Talk

Authorized Greatest Hits

Authorized Greatest Hits(2000)

1.I Want You To Want Me
2.Ain't That A Shame
3.Southern Girls(single version)
5.Stop This Game
6.Dream Police
7.If You Want my Love
(alternate version)
8.Tonight It's You
9.Everything Works If You Let It
11.I Can't Take It(live)
12.She's Tight
13.That 70's Song
(based on "In The Street")
14.Walk Away
15.Can't Stop Falling Into Love
16.The Flame

Special One

Special One(2003)

1.Scent Of A Woman
2.Too Much
3.Special One
4.Pop Drone
5.My Obsession
7.Sorry Boy
8.Best Friend
9.If I Could
10.Low Life In High Heels
Bonus Track:
12.Special One(Japanese version)



1.Welcome To The World
2.Perfect Stranger
3.If It Takes A Lifetime
4.Come On Come On Come On
5.O Claire
6.This Time You Got It
7.Give It Away
8.One More
9.Every Night And Every Day
10.Dream The Night Away
11.All Those Years
Bonus Track:
13.Mondo Ragga


The Latest(2009)

1.Sleep Forever
2.When The Lights Are Out
3.Miss Tomorrow
4.Sick Man Of Europe
5.These Days
7.Everyday You Make Me Crazy
8.California Girl
9.Everybody Knows
11.Times Of Our Lives
12.Closer, The Ballad Of Burt And Linda



1.Heart On The Line
2.No Direction Home
3.When I Wake Up Tomorrow
4.Do You Believe Me?
5.Blood Red Lips
6.Sing My Blues Away
7.Roll Me
8.The In Crowd
9.Long Time No See Ya
10.The Sun Never Sets
11.All Strung Out
bonus tracks:
13.I'd Give It Up


We're All Alright!(2017)

1.You Got It Going On
2.Long Time Coming
4.Radio Lover
6.Brand New Name On An Old Tattoo
7.Floating Down
8.She's Alright
9.Listen To Me
10.The Rest Of My Life
- deluxe edition bonus tracks -
11.Blackberry Way
12.Like A Fly
13.If You Still Want My Love
- Japaneedition bonus tracks:
14.When I Wake Up Tomorrow(live in Japan 2016)
15.The 'In' Crowd(live at Red Rocks 2017)

She Said She Said(The Beatles cover)
Gimme Some Truth(John Lennon cover)





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